Laboratory Wall Benches

  • Laboratory Wall Bench under certificate EN 13150:2001: with C-Frame structure, made of laminated steel 60 x 30 x 1, 5 mm and protected by epoxy paint.
  • Underbench registrable cover panels for easy maintenance.
  • Modular system that can be coupled with other lab benches to make the design you need.
  • They can incorporate under table hanging cabinets.
  • Laboratory is built with a metallic support structure, a working surface, a system of services and the required accessories.


General Characteristics 

These frames are provided with a levelling system in contact with the floor as well as in contact with the working surfaces.

On the rear, it provides a structural element for the fixing of the service system, independently of the frame of the workbench, creating a space (service gallery) for the guiding of the media installation, easily accessible via accessing covers.


Frame Modular Metal Structure:

Based on a modular self-supporting steel structure. Made of rolled steel pipe, rectangular and circular, treated and covered with epoxy paint. System to provide a flexible modular system for support of cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets and work surfaces.


 The “C” design of the structure with hanging cabinets was chosen for better cleaning and disinfection.


Wall laboratory bench 3D:


Compliance with the following standards: “UNE EN 13150:2001


The model tested satisfactorily fulfills the especifications for the standard applied in the following tests carried out:





Dimensions: (mm)