HPL laboratory worktops are made of several layers of compact laminate impregnated with resin, which is produced under pressure and at high temperatures during advanced processes and modern technology, and is completed by a layer of melamine coating and the material produced is very strong and durable and has an eye-catching beauty.




HPL worktop available in Max Resistance² and IP.


1-     HPL Max Resistance² is a high-pressure laminate (HPL), produced in laminate presses, under high pressure at high temperature, in accordance with EN 438-4, type CGS. Due to its scientifically developed, double-cured polyurethane acrylic coating, Max Resistance² stands up to the toughest tests – unaffected by solvents, most acids and the harshest chemicals. Easy-to-clean and disinfect and at the same time wear and scratch resistant, this innovative material significantly extends the life cycle of your laboratory work surface.


2-     HPL IP Max Compact IP are high pressure laminates (HPL) manufactured to standard EN 438-4 Type CGS for demanding applications (e. g. office furniture, wall cladding, wet rooms, etc.) with a double-hardened, pore-free surface sealed with urethane acrylate for applications in heavily frequented areas with higher cleaning or hygiene requirements, such as in hospitals, schools, kindergartens, sanitary rooms in hotels and in public areas or buildings with occasionally increased risk of infection (airports, train stations), industrial kitchens and public transport.